Thursday, February 11, 2010

om manglam manglam namah...

hi again.
Life at every age and with every stage brings a variety of condiments and spices that one has to learn to digest. You see if you are not a person who is used to eating chillies and you have been served the dark green chutney that Rushdie talks about then boss, your nose, your eyes, your stomach basically this divine body that you have will give it back to you.
Trust me.
Even if you dont i would still take a few more lines of this beautiful blog space(read i am possesive of my spaces and everybody is not allowed), so coming back i would like to share with you a very interesting phenomenon. Once you have crossed the age of say twentyone or twenty two, people around you relentlessly talk and jabber about the need and importance of you getting married to someone as if post Adam nd Eve/ Manu and Shradha you are the one who has to take the entire responsibilty of populating this world. I have also observed a couple of other factors which play an important role in one's becoming a target of such goodwill advice(read we have suffered it, we wont spare you talk). I must also clarify that i am talking about urban middle class/working class/salaried class or simply put the bourgoies section of society.
One of them is what age does one start working(read a permanet job) and the other is one's health(read thin/fat). So if you start working at the age of say twenty one like i did you sure are to be subjected to the goodwill advice the day you join. Your collegues will jabber, your neighbours and relatives would start looking for a suitable boy for you, your boses will try to fix you up etc etc as if now you have come to a stage where you are fit to be the sacrificial lamb. On the other hand if you are still studying or havent been able to find a secure job the pressure is much less, you still need to be fed. Secondly if you are a thin, sweet/innocent/good looking(read blonde) then people wont really care about the fact even if you are twenty eight but if you by any chance are fat/overweight/obese and ofcourse have been rendered under confident by the grace of a series of assaults made at you everyday, then, the day you turn twenty one you get gifts like a month's subscription to the best gym in town or an appointment pre-fixed with the best dietician. Everyday of your life people torture you to questions such as How old are you? what are your plans for the future? Isn't the diet plan working? Do you realize people prefer slim girls, why dont you loose some weight? Why dont you try some power yoga? BLAH..BLAH..BLAH...
There are people who marry out of choice, willingly(god help them) but for people(read females) if you are about to cross the threshold of the age of twenty five(then god really must help you). We (read the middle class intelligensia or a duplicate copy of it) feel proud to belong to a society where we give our girls the freedom to stay unmarried till twentyfive and pursue what they want to(read confinement to academics or medicine). This seems to come straight from some shakespearian farce. Why does it become so difficult for people (relatives/neighbours/colleauges) to comprehend and digest a simple fact that even if a woman(a respectful term for not so young a girl) has crossed the threshold age (25) ITS PERFECTLY ALRIGHT. Why should they trouble themselves(read fuss over you and bitch among themselves) about it. I would like to call it SFR Syndrome i.e Silly Form of Revenge Syndrome. I call upon all the great minds of this world to find some antidote to this deeply rooted cultural disease that has been afflicting Wo/mankind for sooooooooooo sooooooooo long.